What is MICTSL role in the port of Toamasina ?

MICTSL is managing the container terminal which is occupying part of the port area. The port of Toamasina is under the authority of SPAT (Société du Port à gestion Autonome de Toamasina).

Is MICTSL a state owned company ?

No, it's a private company, wholly owned subsidiary of Philippines based ICTSI group

What are the main activities of MICTSL ?

MICTSL is in charge of container related activities in the port of Toamasina: discharging, storage, handling, reception and delivery.

Does MICTSL offer clearing and forwarding services as well as transportation services ?

No, MICTSL is neither a clearing-forwarding agent nor a transport company; its activities are limited exclusively to container handling.

Is MICTSL also in charge of vehicles discharged in the port of Toamasina ?

MICTSL takes only in charge containerized vehicles; another stevedoring company is handling all other breakbulk cargo, among them rolled off vehicles.

What are the delivery or receiving procedures at MICTSL ?

MICTSL is in short at the end of the chain both for import and export: * For importation: the importer must receive in advance the customs authorities' authorization as well as shipping line's "delivery order" prior applying for delivery of any specific unit. * For export: shipping line's booking acceptance on the designated vessel as well as customs authorization are required prior reception of each container in the terminal. For both cases, the payment of port charges must be effected at MICTSL billing office at 10, rue du Commerce - Ampasimazava - Toamasina 501

To whom eventual request of information should be addressed at MICTSL ?

A customer service desk based at the company's headquarter will be pleased to assist.